Family Technology Plan

Use of technology at home should work for you and fit within your family values and parenting style. When technology is used appropriately and with some thought, it can enhance daily life. If not used this way, it can displace many important activities such as face-to-face interaction, family-time, outdoor-play, exercise, unplugged downtime and sleep.

By creating a Personalised Family Technology Plan, you can be aware of when you are using technology to achieve your purpose. This requires parents and children to think about what they want those purposes to be. The tool below will help you to think about technology and create goals and rules that are in line with your family's values.

We have created this plan because we feel that it is vital to ensure children are getting the most out of technology, without compromising on all important family-time. This is a free tool to be used and shared, to help families come up with a plan that's right for them.

To make YOUR family's Technology Use Plan, start by entering your family's information. This information will remain private and confidential.

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